Rusty Thomas at Planned Parenthood of Orlando – October 2010

Elijah Ministries
“To make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” (Luke 1:17)

What a time we have had in Florida. Thursday, the Lord opened the door to preach at a pro-life luncheon. The program allowed twenty minutes to give-em-heaven and by God’s grace His word went forth. The message was called “The Revelation.” I pray the Lord blessed our time together, encouraged the saints, and raised the necessary resources for the ministry here in Orlando, FL to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the gates of hell.

Today, we gave them heaven at three abortion mills. I was almost arrested at the second one. As we arrived there, we found out a baby was saved, so I thought it was only fitting to tell the rest of the people in the abortion mill the good news and encouraged them to do the same. A lady police officer took umbrage at the preaching and told me it was too loud. I was to lower my voice or be arrested. I told her that I was an American citizen on a public sidewalk and minister of the Gospel, called of God to preach. Apparently, she didn’t accept my response so she called two police cars and they came to what is, in fact, a crime scene at the abortion mill.

This time a male officer approached me and told me that the people inside could hear the preaching and were disturbed by it. I was breaching the peace. I told them they needed to be disturbed about killing God’s babies and it was they, not me, that breached the peace. He admitted that this was a grey area since we had no sound amplification, but was still willing to arrest me anyway. Since I had to fly out tomorrow, it would not have been wise to get arrested, but I challenged the locals to challenge this clear violation of our Constitutional rights. If they don’t, we may have to come back soon to win that territory in Jesus’ name!

We concluded our street activities at a Planned Parenthood. The saints there are conducting a Forty Days for Life” campaign. This abortion mill, like most Planned Parenthood clinics, is in the black community. We took the time to expose the abortion/racism connection perpetrated by this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It was a fruitful day serving our King. Tomorrow, I preach at Rejoice Christian Fellowship and get to see my former pastor from Waco, Pastor Rick Shearouse and his precious family. This man has a special place in my heart. Afterwards, God willing, I head back home to our next adventure in serving our Lord.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

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