Rusty Thomas Becomes the Leader of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America – July 2014

Thursday night’s rally (July 24, 2014) brought a transition to OSA. Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, assistant to the director, was set in as National Director of Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America. Rev. Flip Benham (National Director since 1994) and Pastor Keith Tucci (National Director before Flip and right after founder, Randall Terry) laid hands on Rusty and passed the mantle of leadership to him. After the mantle was passed, faithful Christian men surrounded Rusty and prayed over him, as Curtis blew the rams horn. At the conclusion of the setting in, Rusty’s challenge to the brethren was, “You have bled with Keith. You have bled with Flip. Now bleed with me.” Jesus gave His life for us. Are we willing to suffer for Him?

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